Du visar för närvarande Art and engineering with Indecis Artist Run Space
Image courtesy: Indecis Artist Run Space

Art and engineering with Indecis Artist Run Space

Indecis Artist Run is an independent space located in Timișoara, Romania, founded in 2020 by an artist and an engineer. As a non-profit, non-hierarchical organization, their aim is to promote and cultivate dynamic relationships between contemporary art and artists of all kinds. What is their driving force and is there a recipe for a balanced ’dynamic dish’?  

– By Felicia Gränd 

Indecis was founded by two people: an artist and an engineer. What are some of the perks of having both of these professions on board when running an artist-run space?
We started the space as a joint initiative of an artist and an engineer (who, in fact, is a self-taught artist). This combination brought to the table a unique blend of perspectives and skills. Mimi’s artistic and creative perception complements Sergiu’s analytical mindset and problem-solving skills. A synergy is created; together, we have much broader knowledge that benefits the planning and organisional aspects of running the space. Because we are a couple in real life, we work together towards a common goal, sharing similar ideas and ideals. Sometimes Sergiu works, sometimes Mimi works, and sometimes we work together, sharing responsibilities and supporting each other. It’s reassuring to know that there is always another point of view, beyond the prism of art or science, and, of course, it’s much more fun than being alone.
And just to add, currently our space is run by four people: Mimi, Sergiu, Gavril, Flo and Alina. 

You describe your space as very dynamic hosting art shows, publishing works and facilitating a space for debate and new ideas. Is there a recipe for a balanced ’dynamic dish’?
Indecis artist/run space has developed organically, starting with exhibitions of our friends from the artistic community. Slowly but surely, other associated events were added, and eventually we realised their importance and value, not only for us but also for the community visiting our space. Currently, we function as a hybrid space, hosting cultural events, exhibitions of various sizes, as well as educational programmes, workshops, publication launches, or community dinners, to name just a few. 

We don’t believe there is a fixed recipe to follow when managing an artist-run space, but certainly the success of any space is based upon the team that manages it. We operate in a non-hierarchical manner and share values. Each of us is free to propose and implement activities. Mimi learns on the go about cultural management and guides the younger generation in informal and artistic workshops. Gavril is a curator and focuses on developing and producing exhibitions within the space. Sergiu proposes concepts and ideas that we later turn into events or merchandise. Flo manages independent publications under the umbrella of Secret Garden Books. Through Alina, information reaches a wider audience, and our activities are presented online. So, the operation of the space is a joint, collaborative effort, often voluntary. Ultimately, no one works alone, and when there are multiple options, the world opens up widely.

What will you show at Supermarket 2024?
Indecis will present at Supermarket 2024 the works of ten artists from Timișoara: Ana Kun, Sorina Vazelina, Bianca Băilă, Mimi Ciora, Lucian Barbu, Gavril Pop, Florin Fâra, Sergiu Sas, PNEA and Vlad Cadar Gheorghe. These artists have had a long-standing activity in the local independent scene and are strongly connected to our initiative. We will predominantly showcase visual art, including drawings, textile art and videos, alongside a selection of prints in the form of publications.

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