SUPERMARKET MEETINGS is an internal programme for art professionals that enables Supermarket exhibitors, participating artists, exhibition organisers, project managers, curators and other professionals to meet and discuss specific issues of the artist-run scene within an international context. Each Meeting last approximately 1.5h and has 5–8 participants and a moderator who introduces the pre-selected topic and ensures that the meeting runs smoothly. The aim of Meetings is to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, compare experiences and discuss issues related to self-organised projects.

We believe that small and focused meetings such as these are core to creating future collaborations. The importance of establishing strong connections between art professionals is fundamental to Supermarket and Meetings have planted the seeds of many new international collaborations. Meetings are by invitation only and are not open to the public, they are therefore a ’safe space’ for frank and honest discussions amongst peers.

Supermarket Meetings. Photo: Valentin Brutaro.

Some topics discussed in Supermarket Meetings over the years:

Activism and political art, Art vs. audience: how to work with participatory activities?, Art, the internet, and you, Artist in residence, Artist-run initiatives: the myth of flat hierarchy, Censorship, Collaborations vs. cooperations, Creativity – yes! Burnout – no!, Curatorial activism in non-traditional exhibitions, Fabricated, Intimacy, Love me, love me, love me!, Non-hierarchical organisations and workflow, Performance art, Safe space practice, Sharing economy, Sustainable practices, The capital: cheap labor, remuneration, voluntary work, The curator as conceptual artist, The making of an artist: image, brand and social media, The wealthy art: from the privileged to the privileged, Therapy session time, Wish you were here, Working with institutions