SUPERMARKET MEETINGS are where the exhibitors meet and discuss specific topics for the artist-run scene. Meetings are an opportunity to exchange ideas, compare experiences, and make new connections. Meetings provide ways to find new collaborative partners and to build networks. Each Meeting lasts approximately an hour and has 5 – 8 participants. The meeting moderator introduces the topic and ensures that the meeting runs smoothly. Different meetings have different structures, some are discursive while others are a call to action, some offer successful models while others invite blue sky thinking. Meetings are also opportunities to learn from each other and further develop expertise.

We believe that small and focused meetings such as these are core to creating future collaborations. The importance of establishing strong connections between art professionals is fundamental to Supermarket and Meetings have planted the seeds of many new international collaborations. Meetings are only for exhibitors (not the public) and they are therefore a creative space for open discussions amongst peers.

Supermarket Meetings. Photo: Valentin Brutaro.

Some topics discussed in Supermarket Meetings over the years:

Previous topics have included: curatorial activism, artists in residence, artists vs audiences, sustainability, building networks, (non)funding, social impact, working with institutions, safe space practice, collaborations vs co-operations, diversity, commons, artist-run for who?

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