Du visar för närvarande SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair disclose exhibitors 2024
Louise Manifold, Only Silent doubts, flame glass mouth extender, digital photographic print, 100x 120 cm, 2023. Exhibited by Interface Inagh (Recess, Ireland) at Supermarket 2024.

SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair disclose exhibitors 2024

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SUPERMARKET 2024 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair will take place on 25–28 April in SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum. This unique 2000 m2 venue was previously a children’s indoor playground, and hosted Supermarket in 2022. The premises present a playful source of inspiration which pairs well with the variety of 66 exhibiting galleries, and a vibrant programme of contemporary art, networking for art professionals and much more. The press viewing will take place on 24 April at 11 am.

RUM DVA(Copenhagen, Denmark) is an artist-run initiative which tries to create a more direct connection between the Nordic and the Balkans art scene. Flat Octopus (Stockholm, Sweden) will present a solo exhibition ‘Blast From The Past’ by the Swedish artist Cecilia Sterner. Her cave-like installation will lure you into a playful world where the ugly, raw, dark, sophisticated, and ludicrous meet – because the world is full of contradictions.

BABEL visningsrom for kunst (Trondheim, Norway) will present ’Camp Temporary’, an exhibition that explores nomadic structures, occupation, and the vital context of the artist-in-residence in contemporary art. Gallery Rostrum (Malmö, Sweden) will showcase the exhibition ‘Dream Scene’ as an opposition to the fast food entertainment society. Featuring collective efforts and elements of performance, the exhibition explores the seven deadly sins in contrast to the seven capital virtues.

Cecilia Sterner, ‘Blast from the Past’, installation detail – videowork. Exhibiting with Flat Octopus (Stockholm, Sweden) at SUPERMARKET 2024.

Visual Arts Forum (Ramallah, Palestine) is a non-profit Palestinian institution dedicated to fostering cultural awareness, identity, and the transformative power of art. For SUPERMARKET 2024 they present ‘ART in Palestine’, a curated collection of artworks produced by our students across various age groups. Schmick Contemporary (Sydney, Australia) will present works from artists who consider embodied knowledge through a feminist revisionist and queer lens. TUR_telpa (Riga, Lettland) invites the visitors to a subconscious journey to the land of images  reflecting historical and exotic places that have given their name to pigments.

ps. K_o_t_ (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is interested in the socio-economic position of the artist. During Supermarket 2024 ps.kot will live screenprint and present a renewed and updated version of  Seth Siegelaubs legendary Artist Contract. The contract will be freely available for visitors of the fair. Motif Art Studio (Smara refugee camp, Tindouf, Algeria) was built as a response to an environmental disaster in 2015 when huge floods hit the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria and destroyed the hand-built mud homes and the tents. Over the course of the following year, of all the things one might think are needed to live in a refugee camp, an art studio was built!


126 Artist-Run Gallery (Galway, Irland)

Gallery 5 (Oulu/Uleåborg, Finland) 

Gallery70 (Tirana, Albania) 

Konsthallen ABC (Stockholm, Sweden)

Altán Klamovka Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic)

ArtMobile (Västerås, Sweden) 

Ateljé Bredgrind (Avesta, Sweden) 

BABEL visningsrom for kunst (Trondheim, Norway) 

Björkö Konstnod (Björkö, Sweden) 

Candyland (Stockholm, Sweden)

Cluster (Seattle, USA) 

The Carousel Institute of Arts (C.I.A.) (Talsarnau, UK) 

Casa Belgrado (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Galleri CC (Malmö, Sweden) 

City Surfer Office (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Kulturtidskriften Cora (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Darb 1718 (Cairo, Egypt) 

Detroit Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden) 

DIGITALISEUM (Malmö, Sweden) 

Durden and Ray (Los Angeles, USA) 

Entering the Canon (London, UK) 

ETAJ artist-run space (Bucharest, Romania) 

Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) 

De Fabriek Eindhoven (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) 

Family Dinner (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) 

Flat Octopus (Stockholm, Sweden) 


HALLE13 (Vienna, Austria) 

Tidskriften Hjärnstorm (Stockholm, Sweden) 

INDECIS (Timișoara, Romania) 

Interface (Recess, Ireland) 

https://isgisgisgisgisgisgisgisgisg.com (Moss, Norway) 

Art Centre Itä/The South Karelia Artists’ Association (Lappeenranta, Finland) 

Kyojima Station (Tokyo, Japan) 

Galleri LOKOMOTIV (Örnsköldsvik, Sweden) 

Luxfer Open Space (Česká Skalice, Czech Republic) 

Meer Projects (Hosle, Norway) 

Molekyl gallery (Malmö, Sweden) 

Motif Art Studio (Smara refugee camp, Tindouf, Algeria) 

Galleri Nef (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Neliö-Galleria (Oulu/Uleåborg, Finland) 

NowHere (Lisbon, Portugal) 

Paadmaan projects (Tehran, Iran/the Netherlands) 

Pragovka Gallery (Pragovka for Art z.s.) (Prague, Czech Republic)

ps. K_o_t_ (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 

QWERTY (Odense, Denmark) 

Galleria Rankka (Helsinki, Finland)

rojal (Göteborg, Sweden) 

Galleri Rostrum (Malmö, Sweden) 

RUM DVA(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sami Center for Contemporary Art (Karasjok, Norway) 

schmick contemporary (Sydney, Australia) 

SF Artists Alumni Inc (Santa Monica, USA)

Slipvillan (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Small Projects (Tromsø, Norway) 

Smart Coop (Stockholm, Sweden)
Studio44 (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Tarantula: Authors And Art (Stockholm, Sweden)

Tegen2 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Tenthaus Oslo (Oslo, Norway) 

Tomma rum (Stockholm, Sweden) 

TUR_telpa (Riga, Latvia) 

Uncertain States / Scandinavia (Sandefjord, Norway) 

Under Projects (Cape Town, South Africa) 

Visual Arts Forum (Ramallah, Palestine) 

VLP gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark)