TALKS and PERFORMANCE programmes have formed a vital part of the art fair since its beginning, with the aim to stimulate the interest of broad public in questions, topics and trends relevant for contemporary art.

SUPERMARKET TALKS functions as an open space for talks, presentations and debates on contemporary art and its relation to society in general. The previous themes have been Art of the Future (2009), Documentation/Non-documentation (2010), The Absent Hub (2011), The Waiting Room of Eternity (2012), Happiness (2013), Difference(s) (2014), Invisibility – who represents who? (2015), 10th anniversary of Supermarket (2016), Intimacy (2017), Legacy: who will survive and what will be left of them? (2018) and Temporary moratorium: all allowed? (2019), ‘Fabricated’ (2020) and ‘Shapeshifters’ (2021).

SUPERMARKET PERFORMANCE shows works by performance artists from around the world both on- and off-stage, and offers a range of performances from durational pieces to interactive or lecture performances. Live Action, Lokal_30, No Budget Performance, Stoff – Stockholm Fringe Fest, PAiN – Performance Art in Norrbotten, Fylkingen, PALS – Performance Art Links, and many more have been important contributors to the programme.

You can browse through the previous years’ programme folders here.

Laura Cemin, ‘O’. Photo: Pär Elfventyr.