Supermarket 2019
Stockholm Independent Art Fair
4–7 April 2019

Supermarket 2019
Stockholm Independent Art Fair
4–7 April 2019



What is Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair?
Supermarket is an annual international art fair for artist-run galleries and other artists' initiatives. The art fair itself is arranged by artists. The goal of SUPERMARKET is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish and international art scenes. It is also an art fair that strives to offer the visitor an experience, rather than focusing on sales.

Who attends Supermarket?
Supermarket attracts an international audience of artists, gallerists, collectors, museum directors, and curators, as well as people who simply appreciate contemporary art. The welcoming athmosphere attracts a broad audience from around the world.

What kind of art is shown at Supermarket?
Visual art including paintings, sculpture, sound and other installations, videos, multiples, prints, performances... there are few limits to what can be shown at Supermarket. Come and see for yourself!

For Exhibitors

Who is eligible to present artworks at Supermarket?
Artist-run galleries regularly staging public exhibitions in their own exhibition spaces and other artists' initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at SUPERMARKET. Individual artists or artists' groups founded only for applying to SUPERMARKET will not be considered.

How does a gallery or initiative apply to Supermarket?
Your application for Supermarket 2019 is to be made online. Deadline is at the end of October each year. You create an account and register on our website. Your account will be used for submitting material if you are selected to participate. For more information about the appication and how to apply, visit this page.  

What happens in the selection process?
Every year, each exhibitor proposal is considered anew, regardless of whether they have presented work at Supermarket previously or are applying for first-time inclusion. Each application is reviewed by a group of artists during an intensive review process.

I will exhibit. Where do I find useful information about the participation?
There is an Exhibitors’ FAQ section that you can access when you sign in.

For Volunteers

What are volunteers' tasks at Supermarket?
The volunteer work includes various tasks, such as assisting the exhibitors, assisting at the different programmes, and helping visitors and participants at the information desk.

For how long does a volunteer work?
The most work is during the week around the art fair, from the Monday before the event until the Monday/Tuesday after. The work shifts are 2-3 hours each, and each volunteer specialises in between 1 and 3 different tasks.

Who are volunteering at Supermarket?
All types of people! Young and old, experienced and new. Many study, for example, art, art history or curating. But we always need all sorts of help, so please get in touch with us whatever your skills are.

For Partners

How are the logos of our partners shown?
For sponsorship partners, we offer exposure of the logo on the website with a link, printed on the cover page of the catalogue, and on sponsorship signs in the exhibition area.