Autumn 2020
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Autumn 2020
Venue TBA

Supermarket news

A trip to Perm!

A few days ago our project manager Alice Maselnikova set off to Perm in the Ural Mountains to present SUPERMARKET and the AIM Network  by invitation of the Russian artist-run initiative Dom Gruzchika who took part in SUPERMARKET 2018. The event took place in the City Culture Centre and also comprised a panel discussion with the artists from Dom G. who visited Stockholm in April. Was it worth the trip? See for yourselves! (Yes)

Supermarket Art Magazine #8

Have you missed out on Supermarket 2018? Or do you already feel like you need a recap of our exhibitors and a new dose of the independent art breeze? Just for the likes of you we have embedded our Supermarket 2018 Art Magazine in the internet world and made it available here. Happy summer reading! 

P.S.: Let us know if you would like to order a paper copy to feel in your hands the smoothness of the matt coating.

Photo credit: Kenneth Pils

The Supermarket 2018 team recap the fair

Yesterday nearly the whole Supermarket 2018 team met up to recap the recent art fair, collect our feedbacks, contemplate the next year and also just to see each other and have a good time together under the sun (without all the art-induced stress!). Photo at Candyland gallery in front of Anders Holmer's piece 'Original'. 

The Last Mass Mail

Today Kritiklabbet had us feel some post-Supermarket joy!

If you paid a visit to Supermarket this year you might remember Kritiklabbet's editorial corner and the production of 'The Last Mass Mail', a participatory citizens’ criticism where the visitors and participants of the fair could comment the artworks later to be printed, published and distributed (in Swedish, and partly English). Well, today all five editions – including a sixth produced after the fair, can be enjoyed as pdf's!

What was the fake garden about? The mysterious ketchup note? And why was Batman so sad? Speaking from experience, 'The Last Mass Mail' truly makes a good weekend read. Visit for further info!

Four of the six editions of The Last Mass Mail
Photo credit: Sanna Neumann


It is safe to say that Supermarket is a meeting point for establishing new connections with other artists, new audience, new friends, new contacts and of course the inescapable art market. 

Perhaps a new business opportunity presented itself up or you met someone intrigued by your art?  

This year we partnered up with Artworks – a user-friendly platform for art distribution. Check them out here for more info! 

Photo credit: Pär Elfventyr