Satellite exhibitions in 13 artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September
Satellite exhibitions in 13 artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September

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Censored artists to exhibit at Supermarket 2018

For the Swedish artist duo Alte Schweden, consisting of Joakim Hansson and Sebastian Mügge, the plan was to launch a IASPIS-sponsored exhibition tomorrow in the Republic of Karelia, in the northwestern part of Russia. However, their plan turned out to be problematic to fully execute as a majority of the material was censored by the local government and not allowed to be shown.

Luckily, Galleri GRO will present a part of the censored exhibition at Supermarket 2018, and both Sebastian and Joakim will maximise their presence by exhibiting with Svends Bibliotek as well.

Read the full story here, first published by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter!

Photo credit: Joakim Hansson

Talks and Performance deadline

Talks & Performance deadline 17th January

The Talks & Performance programme is an important part of Supermarket Art Fair. During the whole event you can experience a daily schedule of public talks on the topic of the year (Legacy) and on the general issues of the artist-run art scene; in parallel we bring you a selection of performance artists to share their latest works on our Performance Centre Stage.

There are still a few slots left in both programmes and we would like to encourage all of you performance artists to come forth and submit your application at or write to our coordinator Franziska at if you have something to Talk about. Deadline 17th January!

'Still Carnation', Diana Soria Hernández, Small Projects Gallery, performance at Supermarket Art Fair 2016.
Photo credit: Hanna Heinonen

Holiday wishes from the Supermarket team!

Photo credit: Katarina Evasdotter Birath

What was it like attending the Professional Networking Participants (PNP) programme?

In 2016, Supermarket first introduced the Professional Networking Participants (PNP) programme for art professionals with the purpose to create a meeting point for Swedish and international artists, curators and art operators in order to expand their networks beyond the exhibition space. The programme quickly became popular and 2018 presents its third edition. Naturally, we found ourselves curious to know more about what made the programme successful, and we approached a former attendee, artist and curator Signe Vad, to learn more about her experience from participating in 2017. 

1) What made you decide to apply to the Professional Networking Participants programme?

I did not run an exhibition space back then, but I have been very involved in the artist-run scene, so meeting others, and debating common challenges and ideologies has been very important. The world is turning all the time and new insights appear in parallel to new problems. It is great to meet other colleagues and initiators to hear their reasons for doing all that hard work voluntarily.

2) Once attending the programme what was your experience like? Has it impacted your artistic career in any way, or expanded your network of connections and potential collaborations?

It expanded my perspective, insight and network of connections and potential collaborations.

3) Finally, this year’s theme is Legacy, and in regard to that, what do you think a PNP programme should contain to stand the test of time? If there was such a thing as a perfect recipe for a PNP programme what would it consist of?

I like meetings and debates very much. I like to reflect upon the main thoughts, pondering the reasons for what we do. I like seminars and broad discussions on the importance of what we do, and how we can be part of moving the world in a better direction. I like to think that through meeting, talking, arguing, learning and acting we can have a strong impact, can make movements and waves; that create a counter attack to all that capitalistic destructive madness that have possessed us all. I like to believe that a fragment of that is what happens when we meet at Supermarket, and I think Supermarket could increase that impact.

Signe Vad will return for the next edition of Supermarket in 2018, this time exhibiting with recently founded space The KRÆ (CREATURE) Syndicate, located in the old Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. (Not unlike Supermarket’s new meat-district venue in Stockholm’s Slakthusområdet. Two is a trend?)

Photo credit: Signe Vad


SUPERMARKET – STOCKHOLM INDEPENDENT ART FAIR is an art fair for Swedish and international artist-run galleries and project spaces. The art fair serves as a dynamic networking platform for artists, curators, exhibitors and the wide public. It gives the visitors a unique chance to meet various art initiatives from around the world.

Supermarket 2018 takes place in April 12–15, 2018 at ‘Slaughterhouse 5’, Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet at Globen, Stockholm (professional preview on April 11).

Work as a volunteer at SUPERMARKET 2018!

SUPERMARKET is looking for service minded, dedicated and driven volunteers for the whole extended fair week during April 8–16 2018. As a volunteer you will be a part of a great and friendly team, together creating the best conditions for the exhibitors and artists during the fair; and also making sure that the visitors feel welcome and get the most out of their visit.

As a volunteer, you will be assigned various tasks. You could build up or take down the fair, you may stand in the cashier or in an information counter, work as a host in one of our special programmes, take care of exhibitors and visitors, take photographs or be a helping hand during the press preview. You will see how the fair comes alive, what is going on behind the scene, and meet international artists and people from across the art spectrum. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with people from the art world!

To be a volunteer, you need to work at least three shifts during the fair period (April 8–16). It is also mandatory to participate in one of the two information meetings in February (after-work hours). To be considered for some of the assignments, you must be available each of the opening days (April 12–15).

Apply today and become a SUPERMARKET 2018 volunteer! Please, send us a short motivation why you would like to be part of the Super-team, your relevant skills as well as your name and mobile number. Send your application to

We are looking forward to reading your application!