12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)
12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)

Supermarket news

Three quick questions: Warren King from Detroit Stockholm

Today we're starting a new format on the blog: introducing four interesting artists that will exhibit at Supermarket 2015! The first artist is Warren King whose life size cardboard sculpture "Shaoxing Group, China" will be shown by gallery Detroit Stockholm.

Hi Warren! Who are you? 
Hi! I'm Warren, and I do sculpture, mostly figures using cardboard from boxes. I'm pretty new to the art world -- I only started doing it seriously about 2 years ago when I moved to Stockholm. Before that, I worked at software companies doing data analysis for big corporations, and before that I was a structural engineer designing stadiums and office buildings. Nowadays I cut cardboard full time.

Could you tell us a little bit about ”Shaoxing Group, China”?
That project started after a visit to my grandparents' hometown in China. It was my first time in China, and as we wandered around the streets we met some elderly residents and stopped to chat. As it turned out, these people knew my grandparents from 50 years ago. It was very profound -- the sense of having lost touch with this part of my past, and then rediscovering it by chance. So this series of sculptures -- which is an ongoing project to recreate the residents of that village one person at a time - is sort of an expression of my attempts to understand those connections. 

What do you look forward to the most at Supermarket?
I've only exhibited once before, and that was a bit scary. Coming from a very technical background, I'm not used to putting creative output into the world for strangers to scrutinize, especially stuff as personal as this. But it was really amazing to see all of the different, unpredictable ways people react. Supermarket is on another level completely, and the people who attend are typically open-minded and looking for something new, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the reactions from that crowd. And of course, like the other attendees, I'm excited to get immersed in the diversity of ideas, motivations, disciplines. Which also happens to be why I joined Detroit Stockholm.


Instagram:  @wrnking
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/wrnkingart



Large detroitstockholm king 3
Shaoxing Group, China
Photo credit: Warren King
Large image1
Warren King
Photo credit: Warren King

The Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015 to Open Place, Kyiv.

Supermarket proudly announces that Open Place from Kyiv, Ukraine has been selected for the Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015.

Prior to Supermarket 2015 in mid-April, they are offered to stay and work in the guest flat/studio in Malongen, in Stockholm’s hipster-est neighbourhoods!

We also want to thank all of you who sent in great applications!

The Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015


The Nordic Art Association and Supermarket offer one of the participating galleries to access the Nordic guest studio residency in Malongen for two weeks before Supermarket 2015. The gallery can nominate an artist or group who may live and work in the studio 1–20 April. 


Do you want to apply for the Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015?
Sign in and edit your application. We added the notification of interest at the end of the online application form.


The result is announced on the website within three weeks.

Large malongen
Malongen residency studio

Application open

The online application is now open. You can write in English or Swedish.
A tip is to present an exhibition idea where the art is in focus. The competition is going to be tough this year.

The final deadline is 15 October 24:00.

Large svarta huset
Svarta huset, Telefonplan

Day 3 at Supermarket: Sunday 16/2

The last day... For the staff a lot of Sunday goes to organising the deconstruction of the fair. But we still had time to enjoy the last day at the fair and experience its art and happenings!

One of the more spiritual galleries at Supermarket, Candyland from Stockholm, had a session in their booth. A 16-year old visitor got an aura transplantation – a brand new aura that has been cultured in a lab in Ukraine. In the next booth, Daily Temporary (Stockholm) continued their long talks about love in their heavenly decorated trailer.

Ten minutes before closing, Galleria Entropia from Wroclaw gathered visitors and staff to play back a recording of Supermarket that had started on the first day. The recorder was part of an art work, placed on the wall with the tape working its way up over the wall and back down into the recording device. The result was intriguing – a low mumble, voices over voices, speeding up and slowing down.

TALKS included the seminar Life Beyond Budgets – a panel discussion about alternative financial strategies where Nina Palavandishvili, (GeoAIR, Tbilisi), Amy Fee (Dansens Hus, Stockholm) and Kaspars Lielgalvis (Totaldobze, Riga) talked to John W. Fail (Ptarmigan, Tallin) about how arts and culture can look beyond traditional models of financial support. One of the highlights of Red Spot was Dolanbay from Berlin with 'Untitled Singular Act'. Dolanbay, from Grüntaler9, wanted to examine the relationship between materiality and performability. Dressed in a white cotton one-piece with charcoal sticks attached to it, he moved around on a large sheet of white paper, leaving traces and creating patterns. 

We are so happy with this year's fair. The meetings programme has brought many relevant and interesting discussions to the table, the AIM network has expanded, artists from all aver the world have met, talked, exchanged ideas, laughed and partied together. They have met the Swedish audience, that has met the whole world at Supermarket. And most of all – Supermarket has shown fantastic art! Exciting, touching, experimental, gripping, wierd, beautiful and explorative art of all kinds! So THANK YOU to all of the exhibitors, artists and visitors for making this year's Supermarket the best ever!

Hope to see you all next year!!!

The Supermarket Staff

Large dsc08096
Daily Temporary (Stockholm).
Photo credit: Besik Kurashvili.
Large dsc08123
Candyland (Stockholm).
Photo credit: Besik Kurashvili.
Large und 4015
Galerie Entropia (Wroclaw).
Photo credit: Luc Pagès.
Large p1020078
Daily Temporary (Stockholm).
Photo credit: Joakim Erixon Flodman.
Large small5
Red Spot: Dolanbay 'Untitled Singular Act' (Berlin).
Photo credit: Joakim Erixon Flodman.
Large img 3658
TALKS: Life Beyond Budgets - a panel discussion about alternative financial strategies.
Large img 0009
Galeria Entropia (Wroclaw). Maciek Baczyk, 'It will never end'.
Large aim erixon
TALKS: AIM Network.
Photo credit: Joakim Erixon Flodman.
Large entropia luc
Galleria Entropia (Wroclaw).
Photo credit: Luc Pagès.
Large 1795599 10151959607116623 695141677 n
Aura transplant at gallery Candyland (Stockholm).
Large 1904046 10151959607221623 1739242102 n
Aura translplant at gallery Candyland (Stockholm).