12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)
12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)

Pre-selection of artist-run spaces exhibiting at Supermarket 2018

Today we are pleased to reveal the pre-selection of artist-run spaces exhibiting at Supermarket 2018, and present an array of exhibitors from all corners of the world!

Newly exhibiting at the Supermarket will be 14 Artist + from Tanzania consists of primarily self taught, full time painters, sculptors and illustrators, with only a few having participated in international art fairs and residences. 

Canadian artist-run art centre SAW was established already back in 1973, making it one of the most notable artist-runs in Canada. With over 35 000 visitors each year it definitely is a must-see destinations for contemporary art in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. 

Some of our Russian representation is the Elektrozavod gallery from Moscow, travelling from an experimental exhibition space located in the former Research Institute of Long-range Radio Communication. Gallery ч9, being another first-time exhibitor at Supermarket, is travelling perhaps even farther – all the way from Murmansk in northwest Russia, where it has the claim of being the first and only contemporary art space in the city.

Durden and Ray from the other side of the pond in Los Angeles is organised by its 24 members. The space works with members-organised curated group shows as well as international artists, and with focus set on global exchange and alternative networks.

HotDock Gallery showcases works by artists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, surrounded by docks and industrial surroundings in the Port of Bratislava. The location holds more than a typical industrial setting in the eyes of HotDockers, serving as inspiration for site specific projects, as means to attract the general public to the area, and to incite discussions on the potential relationships to an industrial environment, generally intended for consumption. 

As we were curious to know more, we asked some of the exhibitors a couple of questions: 

a) What can we look forward to seeing in your exhibition stand at Supermarket 2018? 

b) If you could put one thing related to your gallery in a box and store it for eternity, what would it be?

SAW, Canada

a) Some of what we will bring to Supermarket:

PUBLIC DISTURBANCE: Politics and Protest in Contemporary Indigenous Art from Canada – A multidisciplinary exhibition that features protests and actions by some of Canada's most influential Indigenous artists; NORDIC LAB – We will launch a research space for contemporary artists called Nordic Lab in 2018, which will promote the exchange of artists living in Canada’s North, Scandinavia and Nordic countries; HB MAGAZINE – HB is an artist-run magazine that is dedicated to drawing practices. The European launch of its latest issue Structures will take place at the Galerie SAW Gallery stand as part of Supermarket 2018. 

b) We're currently under renovation for our major expansion project and if we could store something for eternity, it would be our broken disco ball from our social space, Club SAW. It has shone fragments of light on so many amazing people throughout the years...

Gallery ч9

a) We ourselves are very much looking forward to see what's going to be presented at the stand! So far we have an idea – let's see how it develops.

b) Matrox Triplehead2Go [SM Team’s remark: We also had no idea what this is, and had to Google it up!]

Durden and Ray

a) Durden and Ray is excited to show work made by members of our Los Angeles artist collective. We'll also do our best to bring some of our weather.

b) What would we keep for eternity? Our Eames desk chair? Our website's domain name? Our wall repair supplies? All good options. After all, eternity is a long time for a gallery... But if we could only keep one thing for an eternity, it would be the friendships we've made, both within our group and with all the other galleries and collectives we've had the joy of collaborating with.

Musel Link

a) Musel Link will show “Luxemburg Art Scene in the Hollow of the Hand”, miniature art works by 11 artists residing in Luxembourg. Each art piece should fit a palm of the hand. The group is a miniature portrait of the current Luxembourg art scene as selected artistes belong to different generations (70 to 30 years) and are coming from diverse backgrounds and different fields of visual creation

b) I would put a small curved mirror, as it can swallow and reflect all the surrounding space in the hollow of the hand.

Alma Martha/Kalashnikovv from Cape Town/Johannesburg – Artist-Run Allience from Tel Aviv – Berlinskej model from Prague – Bunkern from Västerås – Candyland from Stockholm – Elektrozavod gallery from Moscow – KC Grad from Belgrade – Kunstverein Familie Montez from Frankfurt – Paleis van Mieris from Amsterdam – Storm and Drunk from Madrid are some of the exhibitors 

Large on the fingertips  correct.
Large waiting for the stream ivana cekovic luxembourg  correct
Large  forest fire   lars brekke  2016  performance  video. exhibition view  gallery %d0%a79. photo  pavel plekhanov
'Forest Fire', Lars Brekke; 2016, performance, video. Exhibition view, gallery Ч9
Photo credit: Pavel Plekhanov
Large 170226 dr round won 17
Durden and Ray, paintings left to right: Tom Dunn, Jenny Hager, David Leapman, Max Presneill sculpture left to right: Ben Jackel, Jesse Standlea
Large yuxweluptun
An Indian Act: Shooting the Indian Act by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun / Video still