12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)
12–15 April 2018
Thursday–Saturday 11–20, Sunday 11–18
Slaughterhouse 5
Address: Fållan 10, Slakthusområdet (Metro Globen)

Supermarket news

The Supermarket 2018 team recap the fair

Yesterday nearly the whole Supermarket 2018 team met up to recap the recent art fair, collect our feedbacks, contemplate the next year and also just to see each other and have a good time together under the sun (without all the art-induced stress!). Photo at Candyland gallery in front of Anders Holmer's piece 'Original'. 

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The Last Mass Mail

Today Kritiklabbet had us feel some post-Supermarket joy!

If you paid a visit to Supermarket this year you might remember Kritiklabbet's editorial corner and the production of 'The Last Mass Mail', a participatory citizens’ criticism where the visitors and participants of the fair could comment the artworks later to be printed, published and distributed (in Swedish, and partly English). Well, today all five editions – including a sixth produced after the fair, can be enjoyed as pdf's!

What was the fake garden about? The mysterious ketchup note? And why was Batman so sad? Speaking from experience, 'The Last Mass Mail' truly makes a good weekend read. Visit kritiklabbet.se for further info!

Large the last mass mail  sanna neumann
Four of the six editions of The Last Mass Mail
Photo credit: Sanna Neumann


It is safe to say that Supermarket is a meeting point for establishing new connections with other artists, new audience, new friends, new contacts and of course the inescapable art market. 

Perhaps a new business opportunity presented itself up or you met someone intrigued by your art?  

This year we partnered up with Artworks – a user-friendly platform for art distribution. Check them out here for more info! 

Large pa%cc%88r elfventyr artworks
Photo credit: Pär Elfventyr

Thank you Antoine&Amanda!

Supermarket is over for this time, but what was going on behind the scenes? How were we meant to interact with the different artworks? installations? performances?

Our brilliant Backstage Bloggers Antoine&Amanda enlightened us, and they even created the facebook page 'Backstage at SUPER Market' we highly recommend you check out! For inspiration or maybe even medicin to treat early onset nostalgia..

Thank you Antoine&Amanda for another year and another great collaboration!

Picture originally posted on exhibitor CODE ROOD's facebook page featuring artworks by Ralph De Jongh.

Large thank you antoine amanda

Thank you all for this year!

Every year presents a set of challenges from minor to major when it comes to putting together a major art fair such as Supermarket. This edition had a prticularly unfortunate start as Iranian artists Ashkan Zahraei och Alireza Fatehieboroujenie from Electric Room were denied visas to enter Sweden just a few days prior to the opening – based on questionable arguments from the Swedish Embassy in Iran. What came to be more fortunate however is how the fair turned out, with an array of artist-run spaces, performances, seminars, curious visitors, casual meetings, new friends and state of the art, Art!        

With one last glimpse in the rearview mirror we would like to say thank you to visitors, artists, volunteers and all who contributed to making Supermarket 2018 happen.  See you next year!  

Large amr hamid  pvm 7
Glimpses of Supermarket 2018 – from a bird's perspective
Photo credit: Amr Hamid