Please note that due to rescheduling in our programme we are currently not holding an open call for SUPERMARKET 2021.
Please note that due to rescheduling in our programme we are currently not holding an open call for SUPERMARKET 2021.


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With its vibrant events programme, Supermarket is not just a regular art fair. Besides the main exhibition we offer Supermarket Talks & Performance programme, Supermarket Meetings, the Professional Networking Participant's programme, Supermarket Forum and our internationally distributed Supermarket Art Magazine.




Talks started in 2007 as a place for talks, presentations, panel discussions and debates related to visual art. Talks has over the years developed into three days of dynamic programme reflecting on issues related to and relevant for contemporary art. Some of the framing topics have been ‘Art of the Future’ (2009), ‘Documentation/Non-documentation’ (2010), ‘The Absent Hub’ (2011), ‘The waiting room of Eternity’ (2012), ‘Happiness’ (2013), ‘Difference(s)’ (2014), 'Invisibility - who represents who?' (2015), 'Intimacy' (2017), 'Legacy: Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them' (2018), 'Temporary moratorium: all allowed?' (2019). The theme for Supermarket 2020 will be 'Fabricated'.

Find the previous years' programmes here.



Performance art has been part of Supermarket since its beginning, with the number of performances increasing year by year. Since 2012, a special Stage is designated for the Performance programme. Live Action Göteborg, Lokal_30, Warsaw, No Budget Performance, PAiN – Performance Art in Norrbotten, PALS - Performance Art Links Stockholm and Fylkingen have been important contributors to the programme.


Supermarket MEETINGS

Since 2010 Supermarket has arranged Meetings, a non-public program which allows participating artists, artists working as exhibition organisers, project managers and other art professionals to meet and discuss various issues surrounding their gallery and the wider art world. Since establishing interpersonal relations between art professionals is fundamental, we hope that these meetings plant the seeds of new international collaborations. Each Meeting takes part in a small group of ca eight people, has a moderator and a topic to discuss.


Professional Networking Participants programme (PNP)

PNP was first introduced in 2016. You can apply for a PNP pass if you are professional working in the arts sector (of any kind: artist, curator, art editor, organisor etc.). Participation in the programme gives you access to all activities during the art fair and networking events, designed exclusively for the Professional Networking Participants, without the need to have an exhibition booth.



Since the first Supermarket in 2007, an exhibition catalogue is released at the time of the art fair, where all the exhibitors are listed. Since 2010 the catalogue is bound together with Supermarket Art Magazine that features submissions from our network around the world, as well as contributions from Sweden. The magazine is connected to the theme of the Talks programme.
Read more about Supermarket Art Magazine

Supermarket Forum

Forum is an initiative by Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair first introduced in 2019. This day-long networking event connects Supermarket’s exhibitors and Professional Networking Participants with representatives from contemporary Swedish art scene. The programme allows the exhibitors to meet curators, gallerists, art organisers and representatives of art institutions, present their projects in depth and talk within a simple framework focused on meetings and tours around the art fair. During the day, in total over 130 participants took part in Forum 2020's programme.
You can read about last year's Forum here.


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