Autumn 2020
Venue TBA
Autumn 2020
Venue TBA

Contact and accreditation

Welcome to Supermarket - Stockholm Independent Art Fair!
Journalists can find a comprehensive range of information, with access to current press releases, press images and press clippings here.

Press officer:

Felicia Gränd
mobile: +46709483830

Press assistant:

Kasia Syty
mobile: +46738718181


Send your application for press accreditation to:

Required information:
First and last name
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Project directors:

Pontus Raud
project director
mobile: +46 709 45 17 24

Andreas Ribbung
project director
mobile: +46 703 36 58 62

Project manager:

Alice Maselnikova
project manager
mobile: +46 728 49 29 89