Satellite exhibitions in artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September
Satellite exhibitions in artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September

Some of last year's exhibitors...

Konstnärshuset ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

Konstnärshuset will present the Grant Recipients in 2018: Karl Patric Näsman, Peter Wiklund, Henrik Olsson, Birgitta Heiling, Thomas Carlsson

Tak Gallery ⋅ Poznan, Poland

TAK Gallery will show contemporary Polish outsiders whose works have been presented in recent years at significant modern art exhibitions in Poland, in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw among others. The gallery will display brut now artists including critical works by Daniel Stachowski, feministic works by Justyna Matysiak, films by Tomasz...

AllArtNow ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

AllArtNow was established in 2005 by artist Nisrine Boukhari and curator Abir Boukhari. It is considered to be the first independent collective space for contemporary art in Damascus where it had its own space, organizational structure, and cultural agenda, connecting contemporary artists in Syria with the rest of the world. AllArtNow succeeded...

Swojskie tropiki ⋅ Wrocław, Poland

Swojskie tropiki (eng. Homely tropics) is artistic project run by couple Karolina Włodek and Adam Martyniak, which is focused on longing for the exotic, which often materializes in free creativity which is manifested in an “intimate semi-public places” or more private ones. Swojskie tropiki is about affirm such free creativity as an...

What is Supermarket?

The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair, is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.

The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes a seminar programme, a performance art stage and a meeting programme for networking.

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