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20–26 April
Supermarket blog and social media
20–26 April

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Panel discussion: The conditions of artist-run spaces in Finland and Russia

Panel discussion: The conditions of artist-run spaces in Finland and Russia, presented by Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair in collaboration with the Finnish Institute in Stockholm

The panel discussion will start at 3pm and will be followed by networking and mingle.
The event is free of charge but please RSVP by 24th September. 
The panel will be held in English.

SUPERMARKET and the Finnish Institute in Stockholm present a panel discussion on the conditions of contemporary artists’ initiatives in Finland and Russia. During the session, the panelists will discuss the situation of contemporary self-organised art scene in the two disparate, yet historically and culturally interconnected countries. 
The broader culture-political problematics reflect in a smaller scale in the the conditions of the arts and culture sector. The existing frameworks for artists’ initiatives in Finland and Russia may be disparate in their funding and financial opportunities but share common patterns in terms of structure, applied processes and also visions and values. We will discuss some of these subjects with the invited panelists, all of whom have experience from different areas of the contemporary art sector.

Marina Pugina (curator, Perm, RU), Timo Soppela (MUU, Helsinki, FI), 
Marja Viitahuhta (Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, FI)
Moderated by Alice Máselníková (SUPERMARKET, Stockholm, SE)

The panel will revolve around these topics:
- Conditions of artists and artist-run spaces, funding support and professional opportunities in Russia and in Finland/Scandinavia
- Collaborations and projects initiated between the two countries especially in the border area and in the peripheries
- Differences and similarities in the approach of local audiences and their perception and interpretation of contemporary art forms
- Relationship between institutional and non-institutional art scene

With the escalation of the East-West antagonism steadily fuelled by the media and politicians alike, it is essential to engage in a mutually interested discussion on the cultural and political situation in Russia and our relations to it. Geographically and historically, Finland and Russia share both common interests and dividing issues.
Shared projects and developed collaborations are vital for understanding the different situations of the art scenes in Scandinavia and Russia. In 2018, following the course of previous years, SUPERMARKET enhanced its focus on Russia and hosted three Russian artist-run galleries: Dom Gruzchika gallery from Perm, Gallery Ch9 from Murmansk and Elektrozavod gallery from Moscow. SUPERMARKET has been working to broaden its knowledge of Russian artists’ initiatives, expand its outreach and share the information with the public.

Panelists' biographies:
Marina Pugina (b.1992 in Perm, Russia) is a curator and art critic who lives and works in Perm. She has worked at the Contemporary Art Department of Perm State Art Gallery since 2015 and writes on contemporary art, street art, and self-organised initiatives. In the last few years she has been active as an independent curator in the artist-run space ‘Dom Gruzchika’ in Perm, Russia.

Marja Viitahuhta (b.1979 in Tornio, Finland) is a Helsinki-based media artist and filmmaker. She has been awarded internationally at Cannes (Cinéfondation), Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Mediawave and L’Alternativa film festivals. Her early work ‘99 Years of My Life’ is in the collections of both MoMA (New York) and Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art.

Timo Soppela (b.1965 in Kemijärvi, Finland) has been the director of the Artists' Association MUU/MUU Gallery, Helsinki, since 2001. He has worked as a gallerist and art educator and in MUU he has organised hundreds of exhibitions and international events. He is a member of the board of HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme. He was invited to the jury of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2018.

Alice Máselníková is Czech curator, artist and editor. She is the project manager at SUPERMARKET. She has curated a number of international projects and exchanges, e.g. as the guest curator at Umeå Art Academy (SE), the Faculty of Art and Design J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem (CZ) or the Transfer North curator-in-residence in Murmansk (RU).

Alexey Ilkaif with series 'Sad Russia' at Supermarket 2018.
Photo credit: Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

‘Artist-Run’ – a documentary by Ekkisens and The Lost Shoe Collective

Why not start the autumn season with a documentary? And, as you might have guessed already, even better if it is one dealing with the artist-run scene!

At Supermarket 2018 we had the privilege to host the first release of the Artist Run documentary produced by Ekkisens  Art space and the Lost Shoe Collective. The short movie takes the viewer around the emerging artist-run initiatives in Reykjavík, Iceland and Neukölln, Berlin, Germany, and presents insights into the two artist-run communities. The documentary received a great feedback at the premiere in April, and for those of you who missed out on the event, we bring you a link right here

A trip to Perm!

A few days ago our project manager Alice Maselnikova set off to Perm in the Ural Mountains to present SUPERMARKET and the AIM Network  by invitation of the Russian artist-run initiative Dom Gruzchika who took part in SUPERMARKET 2018. The event took place in the City Culture Centre and also comprised a panel discussion with the artists from Dom G. who visited Stockholm in April. Was it worth the trip? See for yourselves! (Yes)

Supermarket Art Magazine #8

Have you missed out on Supermarket 2018? Or do you already feel like you need a recap of our exhibitors and a new dose of the independent art breeze? Just for the likes of you we have embedded our Supermarket 2018 Art Magazine in the internet world and made it available here. Happy summer reading! 

P.S.: Let us know if you would like to order a paper copy to feel in your hands the smoothness of the matt coating.

Photo credit: Kenneth Pils

The Supermarket 2018 team recap the fair

Yesterday nearly the whole Supermarket 2018 team met up to recap the recent art fair, collect our feedbacks, contemplate the next year and also just to see each other and have a good time together under the sun (without all the art-induced stress!). Photo at Candyland gallery in front of Anders Holmer's piece 'Original'.