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20–26 April
Supermarket blog and social media
20–26 April

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Gabriella Novak

The painting ‘#metoo’ was made as reaction to #metoo in 2017. Today I am reposting it because of what is happening in Poland, where a bill to COMPLETELY BAN ABORTION is going to be voted in the parliement. Once AGAIN, but this time during coronavirus lockdown when street protests are prohibited. In 2016 a similar ban was defeated after a huge women's protest. 
Support the Polish women. Our bodies. Our rights. Abortion is a human right.
#solidaritywithpolishwomen#stopthebans #czarnyprotest#piekłokobiet #strajkkobiet #konstnär#bodyart #feministartist

Performance ‘I still feel as if I'm a working machine’ by Gabriella Novak is a performative loop, an aesthetic dialogue between the artist and a machine. The artist is presenting paintings, made together with her machine, and a video documentation. 

Gabriella Novak (b. 1982 in Silesia, Poland) is a multimedia and performance artist, lives and works in Stockholm. Gabriella works mainly with digital media, painting and performance art where parts of the creative process are replaced by machines or inspired by machine art or, as she calls it, created by artificial bodies. 

Juanma González/AllArtNow

Juanma González (exhibiting at Supermarket 2020 with AllArtNow)
Ink on paper
841 x 1189 mm

I have to stay at home.
I cannot do my everyday journey.
I follow nomadic thoughts on the white paper.
I wander through landscapes beyond these walls.


Detail of URBAN FABRIC #8

Three artists

Today’s blogging slots bring you three artists who would soon be showing at Supermarket 2020:
Juanma González (ES) exhibited by AllArtNow (Damascus/Stockholm), the Lithuanian artist and educator Marija Griniuk from Bite Vilnius (nomadic) and Gabriella Novak (PL/SE) performing as part of the Talks and Performance programme. Have a look and read more about their work in the posts below.

Marija Griniuk/Bite Vilnius

Marija.Griniuk, ‘The Nomadic Radical Academy I’, oil on canvas, 2020

I am Marija Griniuk (the artist behind the nomadic project BiteVilnius). My current interest is in exploring oil painting as the media to represent past performances. These paintings are inspired by the stills of video footage from my participatory performance The Nomadic Radical Academy, which was realised in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2019 as a part of BiteVilnius’ activities. The paintings are the subjective observation of the participatory performance, which I facilitate, where the observation is through the prism of me, as the artist behind the idea of performance and me, as a performer.

Marija Griniuk, Bite Vilnius AiR, 2020
Marija Grinik, ‘The Nomadic Radical Academy II’, oil on canvas, 2020

The blogging spree begins: Down a Meetings coordinator’s memory lane

And the blogging week begins with a nostalgic reminiscence by our beloved Meetings coordinator Katarina Evasdotter Birath, who, after many years of coming up with mind-twisting subject for discussions, collecting moderators and taking the programme to perfection, decided to conclude her role as the Meetings coordinator in 2020.

My first encounter with Supermarket was in 2013. I had just moved back to Stockholm after one year of exchange studies and I had no job, no plans and nothing to do. I don't even remember how I found out about the fair. None of my friends were really interested in art, but somehow I ended up applying to become a volunteer. I don’t think I talked to anyone that first year. I was so shy and so overwhelmed with all of it. I remember being in charge of the fire alarm button. I sat alone in a room with nothing to do but to press that button every 30 minutes to prevent the fire alarm from going off during the performances. But it was something with that weekend that made me come back year after year. Something about the atmosphere being so free and accepting. It was a feeling that anything could happen and I didn'tt want to miss out on a single moment of it. So I grew and I found a place where I got the chance to create something on my own by coordinating the Meetings programme.

During my years as Meetings Coordinator I have experienced dancing rabbits, meetings so heated the participants started shouting and running away, artists rolling around on the floor of the fair, enormous foam rubber animals, tango singing, toilet booth video art and one artist who sculptured himself into a cocoon. One Supermarket opening, an artist painted with flaming oil just above a pile of dry leaves by the entrance – it ended up with me having to step in to extinguish the ensuing fire. The visitors, queuing up outside the entrance, didn’t react much to the accident and perhaps they thought it was all part of the performance.

But what I have loved the most over the years are all the warm hearted, loving, fun, crazy, talented and long-headed people that I have met at the fair. And now, when my time has come to move on to other adventures in life, the things I will miss the most are all those conversations, discussions and chit chats we have together.

Hopefully we will see each other in one way or the other in the future anyway! I don’t think I could stay away from Supermarket completely ;)

Lots of love,

Katarina Evasdotter Birath

Your former Meetings Coordinator

Image: Katarina Evasdotter Birath