Supermarket blog and social media
20–26 April
Supermarket blog and social media
20–26 April

Supermarket blog

Supermarket receives the BUS award 2013

BUS is the Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden and the the award was created and is funded by BUS and The Swedish Magazine Publishers Association.

Project managers Andreas Ribbung, Pontus Raud and Meggi Sandell. Photo: Malou Bergman

The Jury had this to say:
“Supermarket has since 2006 not only become a major player in the Swedish art scene, but has, through an extensive network of contacts, developed into an international reference point and meeting place for artist-run galleries. It brings together a large number of galleries: in 2013 from more than 30 countries worldwide. Its central location at Kulturhuset in Stockholm allows it to reach a large audience. However Supermarket is not only a stage for international art, it also creates a forum for debate around important social issues where the arts can play a role. At Supermarket you meet contemporary and experimental art, art that is not filtered through commercial considerations. Supermarket is an important element of the multifaceted arts scene. It needs support for its continued existence.”

Supermarket talks on SoundCloud

Listen to the recordings of the seminars and discussions that took place at Supermarket TALKS 2013.

Talks are in English.

SUPER TV is broadcasted on the web by V-art live.

Watch Anders Karnell's Talk show live streamed from a sofa located in the middle of the fair. V-art live is a virtual cultural arena, focusing on the creation of new experiences and the artistic creativity. 
For more info about the schedule visit: http://v-art.se

New distribution initiatives in contemporary art


The art market stands steadfast in its commitment to the idea of the unique or limited edition piece. Inventing conventions so that a growing number of works, that point in other directions, fit within these schemes.

See video


The following videos gather together these notes, observations, opinions, endeavours and speculations about other ways of making and understanding art, about ways to present it and of course, distribute and commercialise it.







You can olso see them on the youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/AdeskTV .