Läs mer om artikeln The Middle Room
The picture depicts an exhibition highlighting the fight for justice with the street artist Videndomen on the 1st of May, 2022, photo: Filip Rahim Hansson

The Middle Room

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The Middle Room- Filip Rahim HanssonBetween two buildings a new form emerges, perhaps one of the world's smallest galleries.It began with a walk down a busy sunny boulevard in Malmö,…

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Läs mer om artikeln Trouble on the horizon?
Network meeting of the Collective Brain in 2019. Photo: Caroline Malmström / Art Lab Gnesta.

Trouble on the horizon?

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Trouble on the horizon?  – Meryem Saadi Should artist-run initiatives in Sweden be worried by the current socio-political climate and what it means for their public funding? Absolutely. When I…

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Läs mer om artikeln Attention! Made in Sapmi
Image 1a. Hilde Skancke Pedersen, ‘Bassi várri, giđđadálvi/Hellig fjell, vårvinter/Sacred Mountain, late spring’, textile, 2022, photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

Attention! Made in Sapmi

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Attention! Made in Sapmi – Marija Griniuk Sámi artist-run culture provides a platform for extensive interdisciplinary networks and a crucial approach to creative expression that amplifies Sámi artistic and political…

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Läs mer om artikeln Waiting for Gago
Photo: Unsplash

Waiting for Gago

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Waiting for Gago: A tragicomedy in two acts – breaking Beckett’s cycle– By Max Presneill ACT 1 A city street. A bus stop. Evening. Estragon (female, late 20s), sitting at…

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Läs mer om artikeln Arrival – Departure: The falling in between and the floating after
Rob Knijn, left: Titre inconnu (commencement), egg tempera on linen, 44.6 x 34.7 cm, 2022, middle: Titre inconnu, egg tempera on linen, 49.8 x 39.6 cm, 2022, right: Rob Knijn, Tes larmes sont vieilles, egg tempera on linen, 28.7 x 39.7 cm, 2022

Arrival – Departure: The falling in between and the floating after

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Arrival – Departure: The falling in between and the floating after- By Rob KnijnEven now, as Anna's disintegrating body is slowly spreading out over a small area near the linden…

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